Tips to Fix Dead Phone Battery

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Tips to Fix Dead Phone Battery

When the battery indicator becomes red and you have to get up from the couch or put the game down to charge your gadget, it can be a little exhausting. When your phone’s battery eventually runs out, it can be frustrating when you plug in the charger to recharge it but nothing happens. The phone isn’t even turning on or charging. 

The battery is one of the most important components of a smartphone, and it needs regular maintenance for maximum efficiency. Even if you have some battery problems, you should only go to reliable phone repair shops in Newcastle so that you can get premium quality services. Add Nano Repairs, we make sure that we offer authentic spare parts and immediate repairs to resolve all your phone-related problems. Below are a few Fixes to deal with a dead battery phone.

Top Fixes For a Dead Battery Phone by Phone Repair Shops in Newcastle

  1. Verify or adjust the power outlet

Start with the fundamentals. Make sure your charging brick is connected to a functioning power outlet (socket). If not, don’t talk about starting up if your phone won’t charge.

It is possible that you depleted your battery to the very last percent of its capacity and are now attempting to recharge it. Make sure the power source is operational regardless of how it occurred.

Make sure the indicator light on the power outlet or your charger is switched on. If not, try inserting another device into the socket to see if that one works. If you have identified a fault in the power source, you are good to go. Just plug your charger into another outlet. If the problem in the outlet is not identified, you might need the assistance of phone repair shops in Newcastle.

  1. Use an alternative Charger

An incompatible charger or damage could be the cause of a non-removable battery phone that won’t charge. The next step to reviving your non-removable battery phone is to try a fresh charger after making sure you have a functioning power outlet. Maybe there’s a problem with the USB cable or charging brick.

Make sure you are first using the genuine charger that was included with your phone. Make sure the replacement you recently received is the one that was made specifically for your devices. Some gadgets might not always function with chargers from other brands.

If you have many USB cables available, begin by switching to a different one. Try a different charging brick if it still does not charge your mobile. In case none of them succeeds, it’s time to try the charger with a different phone. To test whether it functions, you can charge your friend’s phone using the charger. If the problem persists, contact electronics repair shops in Newcastle.

  1. Charge your phone briefly

It’s time to concentrate on the dead phone itself once your charger has been ruled out as the cause of the failure to charge or turn on your phone. Start by letting the phone charge for a few hours. 

When completely discharged, it can be challenging for your battery to take up and charge right away. If you’ve been troubleshooting the charger for a while, you should be cool, have patience, and follow these steps:

Check the charger’s functionality by using it on another phone before using it with your phone. Now, let it charge for a few hours as you go about your daily business. In most circumstances, it could take a few minutes or several hours, but do not disconnect it.

You could try charging it overnight to increase its effectiveness.

  1. Examine the Charging Port

Currently, if your phone isn’t charging or turning on, you might need to check the charging port. There’s a chance that it contains moisture or lint, which prevents your phone from drawing power from the charger. Additionally, if the charger connector’s pins are broken, it’s possible that your phone won’t charge. If that’s the problem, consider using the following procedures for troubleshooting.

Check your device’s charging port for any dirt or moisture to see whether it needs to be cleaned. Try to clean it by blowing dry air into the port or using a little instrument to scrape the dirt off. You can put your phone in a position where it can dry out if there is moisture in the port. Take it to the electronic repair shop in Newcastle as soon as you see any bent or broken pins inside the port. It could be detrimental to try to fix it yourself.

  1. Force Start your Phone

There’s a good chance that the battery still has some juice, but your phone still won’t turn on either because of hardware or software issues. If that happens, you can attempt a forcible restart.

For this purpose, you only need to;

  • Connect the charger to your phone.
  • For at least 10 to 15 seconds, press and hold the power button.
  • Your phone might start up, which is good. If not, a new battery might be required.


At Nano Repairs, we can assist you if your phone won’t power up, recharge, or stop wasting its battery. Just bring your phone to the best phone repair shop in Newcastle and we’ll diagnose it and replace the battery.

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