Tips to Fix Common Smartphone Problems

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Nobody enjoys using a broken smartphone. When you depend almost entirely on a single piece of technology, you need that technology to work properly constantly. Sadly, bugs, crashes, and other problems are unavoidable, particularly as your phone ages.

The good news is that many of the most widespread problems have straightforward DIY remedies. It’s a bummer that this won’t always be the case. We’re sorry to inform you that if these fixes don’t work, you might have to take your phone to a professional repair facility or (gasp!) upgrade to a newer model.

Tips to Fix Common Smartphone Problems

Take a big breath, though, because Newcastle’s Best phone repair shops have the answer to your problem and might only be a few touches away before you begin to fear.

A Couple of Faulty Apps

Your phone’s slowdown might result from something more than a widespread problem but just a few bad apples. Knowing which one it is could help you avoid going to the store and save some money. By erasing the data such apps keep on your phone, you can fix the problem if it involves a few apps.

Open Settings on Android, select Apps & notifications, select the problematic app, and press Storage & Cache. Choose Clear Cache to delete only the app’s temporary files from your phone. (When these become corrupted, the speed and power of the app may be affected.) Although deleting the cache won’t affect the app’s settings, more is needed to fix your problem.

If it doesn’t work, choose Clear Data to wipe the app’s memory and start over completely. A more specific option is to clear the data, although you might need to enter your information again later on, including your account and password.

You will have different data-clearing choices on iOS. You must reinstall your app instead of uninstalling it. Locate the icon, hold your finger down on it, then select the Delete App option from the pop-up menu that follows. Once you’ve located it on the App Store, reinstall it. The app will restart from scratch after wiping all locally stored data. Press and hold one app and keep holding it when the drop-down selection displays to uninstall many apps. The app icons will shake a few seconds later, and little gray Xs appear on them. To erase, tap the X.

If the clearing-data trick doesn’t work on Android phones, the old uninstall-reinstall trick will. Tap and hold the app’s symbol on the hub or your unlocked screen, then drag it to the Uninstall button. The additional benefit of this method is that it guarantees you’re using the most recent version of the application, which contains all the new patches and bug fixes. However, if you want to reinstall the program, you must back up any data it has, including papers and high scores. Most apps now support online storage, but checking doesn’t hurt.

Widespread Bugs

It will be more difficult to identify a single underlying cause if common problems continue to crop up nearly randomly in several programs. A piece of hardware may malfunction, the computer overheats frequently, or an upgrade could have been more successful. To fix your phone, though, you won’t need to diagnose it.

The tried-and-true solution of turning your gadget off and on again may seem a bit apparent, but it can quickly fix several issues. This works because it deletes everything from your phone’s temporary memory, so if a few apps are causing your entire phone to act erratically, it might be enough to restore functionality.

Try a specific hardware reset combination if the phone is frozen and you can’t turn it off normally. Look up the brand and model of your phone online to find out exactly which buttons to press while holding them to force a reset. Instructions for Apple’s multiple iPhone models or Google’s Pixel phones are simple to discover.

It’s time to engage in some detective work if the failsafe that turns on and off repeatedly fails. A phone that is overheating can result in crashes, so keep an eye on it while it’s in use and while it’s charging. If the device is frequently hot to the touch, the problem may be with the charger or an old battery.

Check how much free space is left on your device because a lack of local storage capacity might also result in sporadic issues and crashes. Go to Storage in the Settings app on Android. Go to Settings on iOS, then select General and iPhone Storage.

Poor Battery Life

No matter how new their phone is, everyone struggles with battery life. You run into difficulty when your battery lowers to half in a matter of hours. This may occur if a battery becomes stale and begins to deteriorate quickly. If your phone is experiencing this, consider having the battery professionally replaced. This will make sense if your phone is fairly recent, but you might be ready for an upgrade if it’s an older model. When you buy a new one, remember to recycle your old one.

But before you start looking for new phones, consider a few battery-life-boosting tips. Find out if you can single out one or two apps for power depletion first. Android users may check how much juice each program consumes in the Apps & Notifications menu or can access the Battery entry in Settings to view overall battery utilization. If you find a few energy hogs, get rid of them from your phone and check to see if the issue goes away.

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