Best Phone Screen Flickering Solutions  

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Phone Screen Flickering solutions

Is the display on your phone acting peculiarly? Have you encountered display glitches on your iPhone or Android phone? There are various reasons why it might be doing so. The sooner you figure out the problem, the less other damage to the phone. Therefore, you must look for the most appropriate phone repair shops in Newcastle. Make sure that they have highly experienced staff and all the right equipment for early diagnoses and immediate repair.

Nano Repairs is one of the best phone repair shops in the area. We promise quality and minimum turnaround time and take care of your privacy at all costs. The cause of a smartphone screen flickering might range from loose internal connections to problematic software. If your phone’s display is giving you trouble, consider the following solutions.

Top Screen Flickering Solutions by Phone Repair Shops in Newcastle  

  1. Restart your Phone

Restarting your phone will help you determine whether this is a permanent problem before you attempt to remedy a glitching phone screen. Restarting the computer terminates any running third-party background services and processes that might be the source of the display issue.

Restarting will also update any memory components on your phone that crashed while performing a job. Review all the most recent applications you’ve installed if, after rebooting, the display is no longer flickering or glitching. If it is still not solved, contact the phone repair shops in Newcastle.

  1. Carry out a Hard Reset.

Rebooting is the simplest form of troubleshooting you can use, and it usually solves issues. Consider performing a hard reset on your phone, however, if it doesn’t stop your flickering display. This will delete the cache and return your phone to its factory settings.

A hard reset will immediately remove all of the unprocessed data that may be interfering with your phone’s operations. Don’t forget to back up your iPhone or Android device through before you execute a factory reset. Keep in mind that while a Microsoft account is required, backing up a Samsung phone is a little bit different.

Follow these instructions to reset your Android phone:

  • Select Settings, System, and Advanced. Search for Reset Options as an alternative.
  • Erase All Data by selecting Reset Options (factory reset).
  • Decide on Resetting the phone. If you have a PIN, type it in.
  • Then select Erase Everything.

iOS users should follow these steps for Apple devices:

  • To transfer or reset your iPhone, go to Settings > General.
  • Click Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Depending on how much data is stored on your phone, the reset process may take a few minutes.

If you cannot perform the reset yourself, you should go to phone repair shops in Newcastle.

  1. Launch Safe Mode (Android Only)

Try switching to Safe Mode for a few hours if your Android screen is still flickering. You can use Safe Mode to operate your phone without any third-party services or apps. Unlike a factory reset, Safe Mode keeps your phone’s data, and you may switch back to the default setting whenever you wish.

Be aware that Safe Mode is only a diagnostic tool and cannot fix the issue. If your phone functions well in Safe Mode, the issue is with a third-party app, not your phone.

To start your phone in Android Safe Mode:

  • Hold down the Power Off button for a long time until the Safe Mode prompt appears.
  • A brief warning box will appear; just tap the symbol one more to proceed. The flickering should stop after your phone restarts in Safe Mode.
  • Simply restart your device to get out of Safe Mode.
  • Through the notification panel, you can also leave safe mode. Safe mode is on; select Turn off.

The procedure may vary slightly depending on the Android. So, if the measures listed above don’t help, try getting in touch with the company that makes your device or visit their support page. The customer care representatives at an electronic repair shop in Newcastle can also help you in this regard. 

  1. Turn off the automatic lighting (Adaptive Brightness)

The auto-brightness (Adaptive brightness) setting is in charge of continuously changing the screen’s illumination based on information from the light sensor. But unanticipated issues, such as display flickers, could arise from a software upgrade or a hardware flaw. Deactivating the feature from the Settings menu is a simple alternative that you have.

On Android, this feature can be found under Settings, Display, and Adaptive brightness, while on iOS, it can be found under Settings, Display & Brightness.

  1. Verify any device updates

Check to see if your device has an update because most problems can be solved with a quick software update. On Android, navigate to Settings, System, then System update to view your software version. Select Settings, General, and Software Update on an iOS device.

A temporary fix might also be found by searching forums or contacting the manufacturer for updates. You can try downgrading to an earlier version of Android, while we don’t advise it, to see if that resolves the problem.


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