How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Phone Screen at a Phone Repair Shops In Newcastle?

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If my phone screen breaks, how much will it cost to fix it? And how can I most effectively have it fixed? The answers may appear simple, but in reality, there are numerous different phone models and repair methods to consider. Moreover, narrowing down a trustworthy phone repair shop in Newcastle is always challenging. Their phone repair service charges are also highly based on calculation. 

Repairing a Cell Phone’s Screen

We have researched the pricing and streamlined the information to understand better how much it will cost to fix your phone.

Why Does the Price Vary?

Brand, model, and degree of damage play a role in the final price tag for repairing a broken smartphone screen. This post will focus on the cost of repairs, but if you’re wondering why an iPhone 5s repair is cheaper than an iPhone 13 repair, those are some things to keep in mind.

Read our in-depth article detailing the factors contributing to the high cost of replacing a smartphone screen with learning more.

Manufacturer Repair

Contact the company that made your device to find out how much it would cost to replace your phone’s display. You can have your Samsung or Apple device mended through the manufacturer. The advantages of this service include the use of authentic components, verification that the device has been returned to factory condition through testing, and in certain cases, a repair warranty.

Broken phone screens are very common, so it’s no surprise that both Apple and Samsung provide detailed pricing information online.

The price range for replacing an Apple iPhone screen ranges from $129 to $329, with the iPhone 5 having the lowest cost and the iPhone 13 having the highest.

Samsung phone Android screen repairs can cost anywhere from $79 and $599, depending on the phone model. The Galaxy A01 is the earliest phone that Samsung will repair, and it will cost the least to do so, but the Galaxy Fold’s inner screen will cost the most to fix.

Third-Party Services

You can acquire certified original phone components and approved service providers if you go directly to the manufacturer to get your damaged screen fixed, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard third-party phone repair shops in Newcastle. If you wish to save some money, this is especially true.

While rates vary from location to location, some can provide roughly estimated figures. As an illustration, an iPhone Xs can cost around $188 instead of $279 for Apple repairs.

The manufacturer is a better option because a Galaxy S8 repair from a third party will save you $223 compared to Samsung’s $219 cost.

Another thing to bear in mind is that, in contrast to the original phone maker, third-party repair facilities can simply replace the front glass if that’s all that is cracked, saving you a significant amount of money in the process (these prices might not be listed). Make sure to ask your nearby service provider if a screen-only replacement is an option if you think the damage is limited to the glass.

Try your neighborhood mall or use Google Maps to look for a nearby phone repair shop if you can’t locate one there. Asking an electronics store for a recommendation for a reliable repair service is an additional choice.

DIY Phone Screen Repair

If money is truly tight, you might think about fixing the phone screen yourself. The advantage is that purchasing the necessary supplies and equipment can sometimes be less expensive than hiring an expert to make the repair. The obvious drawback is that you probably aren’t a professional, though.

You may get comprehensive phone repair kits that come with all the necessary tools. While there isn’t a repair kit for every phone model, an iPhone SE repair kit costs roughly $75, while an iPhone 11 repair kit costs $125.

DIY repairs aren’t always the best option, though. If you’ve never performed a repair yourself, spending more to have a pro handle it can be simpler.

However, if you can replace your iPhone XS for around $90 instead of $279, you might want to give it a shot. In other instances, such as with the Galaxy S6, Samsung does not designate the model as one that its service can fix.

The Price of Fixing Your Phone Screen

Now you should have a general understanding of how much it costs to repair a phone screen. You can head straight for a manufacturer repair, search for a trusted third-party phone repair shop in Newcastle like Nano Repairs, or attempt a DIY repair job.

Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, depending on whether money, quality, or even a DIY learning experience is your main concern. But overall, there’s likely one route that will suit you best when it comes to the electronic repair shop in Newcastle.

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