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10 Common Issues With Apple iPhone: Phone Repair Shop Guide

iPhone users have come across a lot of problems that are different from those faced by Android users. In this article, we will talk about the ten most common issues you might face if you use an Apple iPhone. To solve these issues, we recommend you get help from phone repair shops in Newcastle to get the best repair services instead of fixing the issues yourself at home. Attempting to fix problems yourself might cause more damage to your device, ultimately causing you more money to get your phone fixed. Consider Nano Repairs for your iPhone repair needs if you are looking for affordable and reliable repair options. We have experienced technicians who know about repairing all kinds of iPhones.

10 Apple iPhone Issues : Get Help From Phone Repair In Newcastle

These are the ten most common issues you may face with Apple iPhone. To get help with this issue, it is best to hire Phone Repair Shops in Newcastle. With these issues, we have also mentioned their possible solutions that you can try yourself at home.

Camera Issue

The best thing about an iPhone is its camera. But how exhausting it is when your expensive iPhone camera suddenly stops working. We understand your situation, but we recommend you not worry about this case. Be calm and look for reliable repair services to get you out of this situation. But before you visit a professional store, try fixing the camera issue yourself at home.

Go to the settings of your device and navigate to the permissions option. This step should be followed by disabling the restrictions. If you still need help with your camera performance, try resetting your phone. If both solutions need to be fixed for your iPhone camera, it is better to seek professional help.

Phone Hanging

Another very frustrating issue with the iPhone is that the device gets hung at the Apple logo. To get help with this problem, the only solution is to force restart your device. Another thing that you can do is reset your device, which will result in data loss. So make sure to back up your data before resetting it.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

Slow Wi-Fi performance or unable to connect your device to the Wi-Fi? Don’t worry turn off your device and restart it again. This will restore the Wi-Fi connectivity. Ask phone repair shops in Newcastle for more help.

Data Loss

Data loss is another common problem that iPhone users have to face. It can result in losing access to your data, including pictures, videos, and files, permanently. For this, it is always recommended to keep your data backed up on iCloud so that you can restore it from there in case of any unexpected data loss problems.

iPhone App Crashing

Crashing or freezing of iPhone apps is also very common. The best solution to this problem is to update the current app version and install the latest version. For this, go to the app store and click on update app.

Broken Screen

You accidentally dropped your iPhone, and now the entire screen is broken? The only solution to this issue is to get your screen replaced and enjoy uninterrupted performance again. Ensure you have returned the whole screen, not just the damaged part.

Water Damage

In case of water damage to your iPhone, could you not turn it on immediately? Let your device dry completely and take it to a professional for repair services. Get help from an electronic repair shop for the best results.

Battery Drain

Battery drainage might be due to using an incompatible charger with your phone. Make sure to use the manufacturer-provided charger with your iPhone. Also, avoid keeping your phone on charge for hours to save yourself from battery drainage issues.

Defective Volume Button

The best solution to get rid of a defective volume button is to install a new one. You can also take the help of other methods to change the volume settings. This includes enabling the assistive touch option from the settings of your device. But the best thing is to replace your defective button to enjoy convenient usage.

Touchscreen Issue

Did your touchscreen stop working suddenly? Restart your device to solve this issue. Then try charging it for about an hour and see if the screen turns on. If not, then get your iPhone screen replaced by a trusted store.


These were some of the most common problems faced by iPhone users. You can avoid these problems by following proper servicing of your phone. Make sure to avoid overloading your device and mishandling it. It is better to hire phone repair shops in Newcastle to fix your phone issues. It is not just time-saving but also helps you get the best results. Nano Repairs is well known for efficient iPhone repair services with high affordability and durability. We ensure that our repair services are reliable and save the customer from hiring repair services repeatedly.

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